Best Places To Visit In Montreal

When visiting Montreal, the moment you land at the airport, you should always look for the Enterprise Montreal airport which will help you get the direction of where you will get best-rented cars. The car rental is essential since whenever you are going to several places, you should have the best reliable car company. Such reliable cars will help you get top several places faster without even struggling or getting late on public vehicles. Here are some places you can comfortably visit when you have your rented car in Montreal during your vacation.

1. La Ronde

It is the amusement park which is located at Ile Sainte- Hélène. The area is known as very large in all of Eastern Canada and it is also the largest country number two. The La Ronde was built originally around 1967 so it could accommodate the universal and international exposition which was known to be expo 67 and currently it is being operated with Six Flags. The La Ronde park was opened at the mid of 1967 towards October where you will always feel relaxed spending your day there whenever you and the family have a vacation in Montreal.

2. Parc Jean Drapeau

It surrounds the La Ronte Park and it has two specifically known Islands and they are; Notre-Dame artificial Ile and Sainte-Helene Ile. The place allows for skiing trails, hiking, biking, there are gardens to relax, green area with beautiful nature. The place is also known to boost the very large concert venue performed at outdoor of the city that is known for hosting Canadian Grand Prix, the beach, and the Montreal Casino where there are also freer and paid activities.

3. Lachine Canal

The site is the national historic site in Canada designated at the Montreal’s Southwest. The place consists of the urban route of about 14.5-kilometer which is running from Lac Saint-Louis to the Old Port that is the waterway being characterized with five locks. At the Lachine banks, an urban park is located there and it can host several activities in the year. The tourists are free to go for picnics, strolls, go cycling, kayaking at the rented kayaks, the pedal boating, among other things whenever there is free time.

4. Schwartz’s Deli

It is obvious that you might have less enjoyment when visiting Montreal when you haven’t enjoyed some famous eats for mostly traditional foods. Montreal’s very classy meal is the smoked meat which has some celebrated providers like Saint Laurent and Schwartz’s. The Schwartz’s Deli was opened by the Jewish Reuben Schwartz in 1928 who was the immigrant from Romania and the Deli was by then considered to be the Montreal’s Cultural institution. There are many queues in this area stretching too long since most people are eager to taste the place’s delicious traditional meals. Most of the signature dishes are this smoked meat that is sandwiched onto the bread’s rye with the mustard.

5. Fairmont And St Viateur Bagels

It is another foodie area in Montreal and it has Montreal-style, Wood-fired bagels that are hand-rolled which were introduced by the Jewish Immigrants. The meals should be tried by any visitor touring the area and you can also get involved with the ongoing debate on the people that introduced these bagels in Fairmont and St Viateur.
Always ensure when visiting these places you get to taste what the best thing they have to offer. It is wise to use enterprise who will direct you at enterprise Montreal airport and you will get the best vehicles that you can use as you wish for the period you will be staying in Montreal.